Facts and figures

Residential Care services

Residential beds (includes 97 provisional bed licenses) 385

Social and Allied services

ROST (Respite Options for Senior Territorians) places 45
Community Care (including non ROST respite) places 223

Residential facilities

Juninga Centre 27 beds Darwin
Terrace Gardens 88 beds Darwin
Rocky Ridge 28 beds Katherine
Katherine Hostel 30 beds Katherine
Old Timers 68 beds Alice Springs
Flynn Lodge 40 beds Alice Springs
Hetti Perkins 60 beds Alice Springs
Tjilpi Panpaku FACF 19 beds Docker River
Mutitjulu FACF 18 beds Mutitjulu
Pulkapulkka Kari FACF 18 beds Tennant Creek

Community Care and Respite

Community Care Darwin Various packages/places Darwin
Respite Care Darwin 27 places Darwin
Community Care Katherine Various packages/places Katherine
Community Care Barkly 20 places Tennant Creek
Community Care Mutitjulu 20 places Mutitjulu
Child Care Mutitjulu Various places Mutitjulu
Community Care Central Various packages/places Alice Springs
Community Care Kaltukatjara Various packages/places Docker River
School Nutrition Program Various places Alice Springs/Ntaria