Dementia Support Australia (DSA)

Dementia Support Australia (DSA) is a nationwide network of services lead by HammondCare and funded by the Australian Government.

The program provides clinical support for people caring for someone with dementia who is demonstrating Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD) which are impacting on their care.

The role of the DSA is to improve the quality of life of people with dementia and their carers where the behaviour of the person with dementia impacts on their care. This is achieved by improving the dementia care capacity of care workers, carers and service providers. 

DSA is sensitive to each person’s dementia journey being unique. As a result, our teams are equipped with a diverse range of clinicians who undertake thorough individual assessments and care planning that assists carers in supporting the person with dementia and establishing links to appropriate support networks.

In the Northern Territory and Top End of Australia, DSA operates under the auspices of ARRCS. 

NT and Top End DSA is coordinated from the ARRCS regional office in Darwin and has an outreach office in Alice Springs. DSA provides services to families and health professionals/care workers of people living with dementia in acute care, primary health care, residential and community care settings. 

DSA is committed to supporting all people caring for someone living with dementia from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, younger people living with dementia, and those living in rural and remote areas.

The team’s functions include the provision of information and advice, tailored information, assessments, assistance with case management and care planning and mentoring and modelling of behaviour management techniques. 

DSA NT and Top End has a particular focus on meeting the needs of those living in remote areas of the NT and Top End of Australia. DSA NT and Top End has developed a number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people specific resources to aid in this. 

DSA operates a 24 hour phone service on 1800 699 799, and the NT and Top End office is staffed by qualified clinicians between 8am and 4.30pm on weekdays.