Reconciliation is the coming together of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and non-Indigenous people to build a healthier society. We do this through acknowledging the disparity that exists between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and non-Indigenous people and then by working together to end that disparity. In doing so we build stronger communities and healthier relationships, and improve opportunities, for the benefit of all Australians.

Our vision for Reconciliation is to advocate for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through our services in a way that empowers self-determination for economic, social and cultural development. We will be unified in creating a place of belonging and respecting the connections Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have to communities, lands and cultures in the Northern Territory and beyond.

At ARRCS, we seek to work in ways that reflect our commitment to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the First People and to treat their cultures and beliefs with respect. We believe in coming together as one to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities from Darwin to Kaltukatjara (Docker River) receive the quality services, comfort and care to which all Australians are entitled.


First nations artwork in black, brown and white colours
Voice to Parliament
ARRCS stands with First Peoples to support the establishment of a First Nations Voice to Parliament.

Innovate RAP (2020-2022)

Our Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPs) are built on the Australian Framework of Reflect, Innovate, Stretch and Elevate. Building on our Reflect RAP, our new Innovate RAP increases our level of commitment and keeps us moving forward on our Reconciliation journey.

It focuses on four key areas:

  • Relationships – Governance and partnerships: To continue to foster meaningful relationships between ARRCS and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in order to provide the best possible service and care.
  • Respect – Cultural appreciation and traditional languages: To strengthen and celebrate the shared history between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and non-indigenous Australia in the aged care support sector, valuing differences and striving towards culturally appropriate care.
  • Opportunities – Employment and capability building: To create opportunities and explore supplier diversity with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and business, building the capacity of the organisation while forming a dynamic workforce.
  • Governance and tracking: To understand and respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural perspectives, history, beliefs and their preferred way of being cared for.

  • ARRCS RAP 2020-2022
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Reflect RAP (2018-2019)

Our first Reflect RAP demonstrates our commitment towards closing the gap in accessing health services and developing opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Our Reflect RAP focuses on building solid foundations that increase our cultural footprint and outlines the actions and targets that we recognise as being pivotal in the Reconciliation journey.

It focuses on three key areas:

  • Relationships – governance and partnerships: Building sustainable relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to work together in creating a Cultural Security Framework.
  • Respect – cultural appreciation and traditional languages: Acknowledging and appreciating the culture and traditional language of our residents.
  • Opportunities – employment and capacity building: Investing in the capability and leadership development of our employees, community and the business to build sustainable and meaningful employment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

  • Reflect RAP
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Australian Regional and Remote Community Services (ARRCS) would like to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land that we provide services on, and acknowledge our gratitude that we share this land, our sorrow for all of the costs of that sharing, and our hope and belief that we can move to a place of equity, justice and partnership together.

First Nations Staff Conference

Each year, ARRCS hosts our First Nations Staff Conference, where we come together to listen, share and transfer knowledge and skills to create a positive inclusive workplace and provide the most culturally appropriate care for our consumers.

Our 2022 conference saw 13 people gathered together, with presenters sharing their wisdom and expertise to examine what we are currently doing and explore how we can be empowered, supported and invigorated to care for our Elders and those in need across the Northern Territory. There were also many opportunities to have a yarn, visit some of our sites and participate in training workshops.

At ARRCS, we strive to ensure our services are culturally safe and informed by applying a cultural lens to everything we do. We are committed to listening to our First Nations people about what we need to do to achieve this and to make sure we are continuously improving. Our First Nations Staff Conference is a key part of that journey.

Going the extra miles for Henry

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