Holistic care, deep respect

Our work began in 2014 with aspirations to improve the quality of life for people living in regional and remote areas of Australia. Today, our commitment remains stronger than ever. We provide support to people from Darwin to Kaltukatjara (Docker River), through aged care services, childcare and regional home care services, residential aged care and school nutrition programs. We take a holistic approach, and a deep respect for all Elders and Aboriginal cultures is at the heart of our work.

What we do

Building partnerships is a central component of what we do. We work together — respectfully, side by side, knowing that everyone brings experiences, culture and skills to the table which ensures our journey together is stronger. Across the breadth of our programs and services, ARRCS ensures that the people and families we work with are making informed decisions. We partner with communities, government departments, regional support providers, health clinics, Aboriginal Medical Services and local GPs to support their choices.

Our staff and volunteers are compassionate and knowledgeable members of the local community, who are committed to providing personalised care and support. More than a service provider, we understand that we are an important part of the regional and remote communities we work in and acknowledge our responsibility to ensure our people are deeply connected to those communities, people and cultures.

We understand that support differs from person to person and working with people of all ages and backgrounds is what makes our work so meaningful. Whether someone is in need of regional aged care support, is a care recipient or a carer themselves, it’s our goal to enable them to live a happier more fulfilling life, the way they choose to live it.

In pursuit of something bigger

As part of UnitingCare, we draw on a rich history of compassion and empathy for those who are most vulnerable. We understand the importance of belonging, particularly for those with ancestral connections to this country. Guided by our vision for Reconciliation, we believe that all Elders deserve proper care, living and dying closer to home with the support they choose and deserve for a life well lived. Support that is provided by a workforce they know and trust, made up of people who are supported, trained and accountable.

ARRCS reaches out to offer opportunity and choice to vulnerable members of our community so they can live life in all its fullness.

Our values

At ARRCS, we believe that our values are fundamental to the work we do.

Compassion: Through our understanding and empathy for others, we bring holistic care, hope and inspiration.

Respect: We accept and honour diversity, uniqueness and the contribution of others.

Justice: We commit to focus on the needs of the people we serve and to work for a fair, just and sustainable society.

Working Together: We value and appreciate the richness of individual contributors, partnerships and teamwork.

Leading Through Learning: Our culture encourages innovation and supports learning.

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