Statement of support for the Voice to Parliament

July 20, 2023

ARRCS, as an organisation, has a long-standing commitment to supporting First Nations people in the Northern Territory, regardless of whether they reside in urban, rural, or remote areas. Our services have expanded from the very place where the Uluru Statement from the Heart was born, extending to the lands of the Yolngu people. We proudly provide Aged Care, Community Care, and Respite services to over 1000 individuals within these communities.


One of the core principles guiding our work is the recognition of the profound impact that arises when First Nations people and communities are excluded from decision-making processes. We have witnessed firsthand the consequences of neglecting their voices and denying them a seat at the table when it comes to matters that directly affect them. The result is a perpetuation of systemic disadvantages and inequalities that have plagued Indigenous Australians for generations.


It is precisely due to these observations and experiences that we lend our support to the establishment of a First Nations Voice to Parliament. This initiative seeks to provide an official platform where Indigenous voices can be heard, valued, and actively involved in shaping policies and decisions that impact their lives. We firmly believe that this endeavour is crucial for building a future that is grounded in principles of equality, equity, and justice.


By openly and freely aligning ourselves with the cause of the Voice to Parliament, we endeavour to walk alongside our First Nations Brothers and Sisters in solidarity. Together, we strive toward a common goal: a future where every individual, regardless of their cultural background, enjoys equal rights, access to essential services, and meaningful participation in decision-making processes.


Our commitment to supporting the Voice to Parliament extends beyond mere words. We actively engage with and seek guidance from First Nations communities, continuously learning from their wisdom, knowledge, and lived experiences. In collaboration with our First Nations partners, we work diligently to develop and deliver culturally sensitive and appropriate services that meet the unique needs and aspirations of First Nations people.


ARRCS remains dedicated to supporting First Nations people across the Northern Territory. We recognise the importance of establishing a First Nations Voice to Parliament and stand alongside First Nations communities in their pursuit of a future that upholds the values of equality, equity, and justice for all.

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