It’s what you can do, and what you enjoy doing, that matters most at ARRCS’ Rocky Ridge Nursing Home, where our caring, compassionate staff work with you to build on your strengths.

The people who live here are not defined by what they can’t do, says Services Manager Elizabeth O’Connor, who takes a flexible approach to the Katherine nursing home’s 27 or so permanent residents.

Activities are also culturally informed, and as our residents like to be outside as much as possible, a fire is lit most days. Barbecue nights are frequent, to cook either roo tail or grunterfish if they are available. Bluetooth speakers are dotted around so residents can listen to their favourite music.

Betty is an example of the can-do approach: she has developed her talent for weaving, and now produces a range of baskets of varying sizes and colours.

High school students visit with residents one day a week for a few weeks every semester.

The people who live here come mainly from across East Arnhem Land and the Northern End of the Tanami Desert. Most of the present clients are Aboriginal or have spent time closely connected to Aboriginal communities. There are four language groups, with any number of dialects used, and Kriol as a common form. Elizabeth speaks a little Pitjantjatjara.

The centre also provides home care services for people living around Katherine.

Published: September 2019

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