Through a collaborative effort between the Nganampa Ngura Mutitjulu-nya Flexible Aged Care facility and his family, Traditional Land Owner Reggie Uluru had his independence restored after he was provided with a new mobility scooter.

During conversations with his family members, Service Manager Carmel Nagas found out that Reggie needed a new mobility scooter to enable him to visit his community.

On hearing how much it meant to Reggie to have his independence again to visit his community, Carmel commenced research to find out the best models and prices for the family to consider.

“In February, Reggie’s son came to me and told me that Reggie had chosen a blue scooter and asked if I could order it for them.

“Once I found out when the scooter was being delivered to the facility, I asked the team to organise for him to be sitting in the rotunda, where he would see the delivery.

“The smile on Reggie’s face when he saw his scooter arrive was unforgettable,” said Carmel.

Today, Reggie’s scooter can be seen and heard most days travelling in and out of the facility to visit his family.

With his new scooter, Reggie has been given the freedom and mobility to remain independent within this community.

Published: December 2018

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